Khloe Kardashian Confirms Kylie's Lips Are Fake

Kylie Jenner Before                                                                                        Kylie Jenner After

Kylie Jenner's lips are fake. The sky is blue. Socks with sandals never looks good. All of these things should seem obvious, yet only one of them is headline-worthy.

After months of speculation, memes and one worrying trend for girls trying to imitate the effect at home, Khloe Kardashian has confirmed that Kylie's lips are fake. Suspicion arose when Kylie began sporting much, much bigger lips in the middle of 2014, yet Kylie & Ko have always switched between staunchly denying anything was even different and claiming it was just makeup (she told us in an exclusive interview she'd 'never been under the knife'). Meanwhile, sales of lip liner soared.

Khloe outed her sister in a clip for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, saying "Kylie decided to plump her lips and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that." Khloe adds: "I think if you’ve done something though, it is right to cop up to it."

For many, this will be a 'well, duh' moment, as Kylie's lips have reached such inflated levels recently that in some shots, one side appears to be even bigger than the other. We spoke to Lee Garrett, a Harley Street practioner and leader in the field of fillers about Kylie's pout, who told us: "Having cosmetic surgery at 17 or any age below 21 is unadvisable as your body is still growing and changing so you'll never be sure on what the long-term results would be. Possible side effects include swelling, bruising, bumps and also regular treatment might cause excessive swelling and symmetric lips."

Kylie said in the clip that she had had 'temporary lip fillers', to which Lee said 'These commonly have substances such as collagen fillers or hyaluronic acid. Rumours are she had this done once every three months, which is too much. She is not mature enough to understand the medical and physical complications that come about when you have a cosmetic procedure."

"Her lips are far too big. She also seems to be very happy with the results which is concerning as this is not a natural look. She will develop and change psychically in years to come and it would be a shame for her to regret what she did when she was just a teenager." Hear hear.



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