Philippines says China challenged  plane over questioned waters

Philippines says China challenged  plane over questioned waters

Chinese vessels tested a Philippine military plane on watch over debated waters in the South China Ocean, the military said Sunday as pressures ascend between the neighbors.

The Islander plane was flying over Subi Reef on April 19 when a Chinese vessel radioed a notice, said military representative Brigadier General Joselito Kakilala.

The Chinese told the plane it was in Chinese domain and requested it to leave, Kakilala said.

"In any case, our pilots disregarded the test in view of the DOC in spite of (the plane being) inside our domain and they reported the occurrence to our bosses," he said in an announcement to AFP.

The DOC or Assertion on the Behavior of Gatherings in the South China Ocean, marked by China, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries in 2002 ties the signatories not to depend on viciousness to settle their arguments about the South China Ocean.

Subi Reef is a piece of the Spratly islands, a chain of outcroppings in the South China Ocean, parts of which are guaranteed by China, the Philippines and also Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Lately, the Philippines has ended up more vocal in blaming China for forcefulness in squeezing its claims toward the South China Ocean, an indispensable ocean path and angling ground that is accepted to hold boundless mineral assets.

Lately, Philippine authorities have blamed the Chinese for utilizing water gun and notwithstanding taking the catch and angling rigging of Filipino anglers.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino is required to raise these concerns at the Relationship of Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN) summit on Monday.



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